For very nice price you get a lot of fun! Weekend full of classes with international teachers, parties in beautiful venues, with live bands, shows, competitions, vintage shop and much more! People from all over the world are coming to enjoy all this with Christmas atmosphere on the top. Don't freak out with christmas presents! Enjoy the weekend with us! Check the below prices and conditions before submitting the registration form.

WITH partner WITHOUT partner
REGULAR classes (Sat+Sun) 90 EUR 100 EUR
EXTENSION classes (Fri) 60 EUR 60 EUR
Friday 20 EUR 20 EUR
Saturday 25 EUR 25 EUR
Sunday 25 EUR 25 EUR
Lunch (Sat+Sun) 15 EUR 15 EUR
T-shirt 15 EUR 15 EUR

* Prices are per 1 person
* All passes are nontransferable!
* Payments of foreign countries participants can be done in EUR only! Payments in CZK are only possible for Czech citizens.
* This year the system of registrations and pricing is different! There is separate price for classes and each party. Sign up for classes + parties you will attend and count the total price! For more details check the page  REGISTRATION (once the registration is open – 15.9.2017)

* REGULAR CLASSES = 8×60′ (4+4/ Sat+Sun) class in LINDY HOP or BALBOA track. It is NOT possible to attend both, choose only one track.
Does NOT include the price of Extension classes.
Does NOT include the price of the PARTIES (its different this time!!!!!!). Please check the price of each party and count the total price of what you want to attend!

EXTENSION CLASSES = 3×60′ class on Friday afternoon. You can choose For Followers Only OR Balboa for Advanced Lindyhoppers. It is NOT possible to attend both, choose only one of them. More info about Extensions in section CLASSES.

* PARTIES – choose what parties you want to attend in the registration form. You only pay what you choose. There is no such thing as Party pass this time!
We will only sell party tickets in advance. No tickets available at the door! Class participants can register first. Once we know how many party tickets are left we will open the registration for party people. Thank you for understanding.

LUNCH = vegetable soup and a main course (choose in registration form) + soft drink and coffee/ tea. Available for Lindy Hop track participants (the lunch venue is far from the Balboa track venue so we recommend to get lunch near the Balboa venue)!

 you can order your size till the end of October. No T-shirt orders after the end of October will be accepted but you can buy them at the festival (if your size is still available). We will show the T-shirt design at the web page and on Fb so you can decide better – check NEWS

cancelation until 30th November, 2017 = 50% of the pass price
– cancelation from 1st December, 2017 = 100% of the pass price
100 % for the lunch and T-shirt orders
If by any circumstances you are not able to come and you dont want to loose money for the cancelation fee, we recommend you to sell you pass directly to someone. Feel free to use our Fb pages and events to offer your pass.