Years ago we started with tap workshops based around International Tap Dance Day (May 25) and continued for the next 20 years. From this year on we would like to work on reconnection of tap and swing, two dances that have shared their roots, evolution and (un)fortunate history. What a coincidence that May 26 was later on declared as World Lindy Hop Day. Keep on reading if you want to find out more about why those two days.

    For many the name Bill “Bojangles” Robinson will sound familiar – he was one of afro-american tap dancers and movie star and through his personality and fame was able to fight against judgment and break racial stereotypes in show business, such as the “blackface”. May 25 is Bojangles’ birthday.

    Swing dancers will know foremost Frankie Manning, dancer know from 30s and 40s and from 80s until his death in 2009. Through his dance life he was the main dancer of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, during the revival of swing dancing from 80s he was the most visible and most influential figure. Again, May 26 is his birthday.

    Frankie Manning