Every year we bring you international teachers with great teaching and dancing skills. During the weekend you can get 6 hours of classes (TAP or SOLO SWING) It is not possible to buy single classes. At the evening parties you can also join the taster classes. More info in section PARTIES.

    – Maja Hellsten (SWE)
    – Anders Sihlberg (SWE)
    – Daniel Leveille (CH)

More about teachers in section PEOPLE.

    6×60’class (detailed schedule below)

Classes are taught by international teachers in English.

This year we offer TWO different tracks for MAIN CLASSES – SOLO SWING and TAP. You can choose only one.
Besides the main classes you can join taster classes during the evening parties. Please check section PARTIES for more info.

There is no possibility to buy single classes.
NOTE: Please use indoor dance shoes for all the class venues. For tap shoes please make sure your screws are not scratching the floor. Thank you!


Solo swing INT – I/A
You have done at least 2-3 years of regular lindy hop classes and feel like it’s time to move on more with your solo dancing. From your classes you should already have a vocabulary of solo steps, such as Fall of the Logs, Suzy Qs, Rocks, Shim Sham, the Shim Sham Break, etc., their variations and combinations. If you have already done some of the more complex routines, such as the Tranky Doo, this is the right level for you.

Solo swing I/A – ADV
You have done at least 4 years of regular lindy hop classes and you already have experiences with solo dancing (international workshops or regular classes). Your vocabulary includes most of the jazz steps and you also are able to play with the music while dancing solo.


Tap INT – I/A
You should have at least 2 year of experience with tap dancing and should know some basic steps and variations such as rolls, paddles, shuffles, and flaps and how to put them in combinations. Maybe you already have an experience with a simple routine, such as the Shim Sham.

Tap I/A – ADV
Besides above mentioned, you should feel pretty comfortable with simple steps, jump steps, and more complex combinations. You pick up things fairly easily, both fast and slow tempos are your friends, so are rhythmical and musical changes. You should’ve done approximately 3-5 years of tap dancing.